How can I change the password on my player account

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How can I change the password on my player account?


  1. To change your account password, please go to the "My Account" section:

  2. Click on "Change password" in the "Personal details/ Your account details" section.
  3. After completing this step, you need to enter your current password in the "Current password" field and then in the "New password" section enter your new password and press "CHANGE PASSWORD".


Note: there is a password setting rule (both when registering and when changing the password):

  • minimum 8 characters
  • requires number
  • requires uppercase letters
  • requires lowercase letters

When you create a new password, keep these things in mind:

White Check Mark Emoji The Napoleon password must be different from the passwords used to log into other accounts, such as your email account or bank account. 
White Check Mark Emoji Your password doesn't have to match your email address, phone number, or birthday. 
Exclamation EmojiAvoid using common words like "Password." 
Exclamation EmojiUse a password manager and use unique and hard-to-guess passwords for each site and service you visit 
Exclamation EmojiDon't share your passwords with anyone, online or in person. If you did, change your passwords as soon as possible.


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