Why can’t I access my account

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My account is blocked.


There are several reasons why you can't access your account:           

You entered the wrong password.

If your account has been blocked due to entering the wrong password, follow the setup for 'forgot my password'. 

You excluded yourself.

Once you've requested self-exclusion, you can no longer access your account. According to the legislation in force, you can request the reopening of your account after at least 6 months from restricting it.

Your account has been blocked and needs to be verified.

  • Your account has been closed because you didn't submit your photo within 30 days of making your first deposit.
  • Your account has been blocked because you have not completed the verification process for the payment methods used to deposit.
  • The account has been closed due to inactivity on the account in the last 365 days.
  • The account is suspended for legal reasons for investigations.

Please check the email address associated with your player account, there you will find all the necessary information regarding the reasons why your account has been blocked.

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