What can I do when I think my bet was handled incorrectly?

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If you think that a bet has been handled incorrectly, you should first verify your bet. You should check if you have placed your bet as you thought you had. Then you can go and check the official website for the match in question. We always use the results of the official websites. So if it's a Premier League match, for example, we use the results and statistics published on the Premier League website. 


Are you convinced that your bet has been misjudged after all? Then please contact our Customer Service team. They will be happy to help you in informing you about your bet, or to open a request for verification on your behalf. 


What information does our Customer Service need if we contact them about a bet?

If you contact Customer Service about a bet, they will need the following information.

Customer Service always needs the e-mail address for your account as well as the coupon ID for the bet, which can be found on the betting coupon for your bet below the odd. 

Apart from the coupon ID, it is also helpful for Customer Service if you have a link to the results/statistics of the bet that you think was not handled correctly.

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