How do I open an account at Napoleon Sports & Casino?

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You can register easily and quickly, anytime and anywhere. Whether you want to create an account on the Napoleon website or in mobile apps, everything is as easy as possible.


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You can either select registering using itsme® or you can do it by entering your details manually:



You choose to register using itsme®:

One You will be redirected to the itsme® website where you need to login using itsme® credentials

two Once itsme® access authentication completed, you will be redirected to Napoleon website to continue the Registration flow.


You choose to register by entering your details manually:

One Fill in all fields. Make sure you entered a valid email address and filled in your personal details correctly as they appear on your ID.

Note: there is a password setting rule (both when registering and when changing the password):

- minimum 8 characters 
- requires numbers
- requires uppercase letters
 - requires lowercase letters

When you create a new password, keep these things in mind:

White Check Mark Emoji The Napoleon password must be different from the passwords used to log into other accounts, such as your email account or bank account. 
White Check Mark Emoji Your password doesn't have to match your email address, phone number, or birthday. 
Exclamation EmojiAvoid using common words like "Password." 
Exclamation EmojiUse a password manager and use unique and hard-to-guess passwords for each site and service you visit 
Exclamation EmojiDon't share your passwords with anyone, online or in person. If you did, change your passwords as soon as possible.

two Accept Napoleon's terms and conditions and confirm you have read and understood the Privacy Policy.

threeSelect the "JOIN US NOW" button to complete account registration.


:mag_right: Registration error? If you tried to register and received a notification that your national registration number or email has been used before, please try recovering your account by resetting your password, or contact customer supportso we can help you recover your account.

:warning: Please note that you can register only once on the Napoleon platform, and logging in can only be done from Belgium.

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