How do I validate my phone number

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How do I validate my phone number?


Validating the phone number is done as follows:

From our apps:

One Log in, click the main menu from the top left of the page and then go to the "My account" section.



two Click on "Phone number verification", as in the image below.


three  Enter the code you received via SMS and then click "Verify".



From desktop version

One Click the user account icon in top right corner of the screen, then choose "Click to verify your phone via SMS".


two Enter the code you received via SMS and then click "Verify".



exclamation If you did not receive the SMS code, check if the phone number saved to your account is correct. If the number in your account is correct, request a new code by clicking "Resend SMS". Enter the code received, then validate by pressing the "Submit" button.

Boom Please note that you can request the code by SMS only once a day. If you request it more than once, then the code will be invalid. You can request a new code the next day.

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