I can not login & how to unblock my account

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I can't login into my account / How to unblock my account


You've tried signing in with the wrong password multiple times and locked your account.

If you have an active account, you can recover/reset your password and/or username by accessing the "Forgot password" link, then entering the email address associated with your player account or, directly from the site, following the instructions below:

If your account has been locked due to misentering your password, you'll get a pop-up that says, "Your account has been blocked due to many failed login attempts." You just need to follow the steps at 'Forgot password' to unblock your account.


You have forgot password

In this case, all you have to do is click on the "LOGIN" button that you can find in the upper right.



In the window that will open, click on "Forgot password?"

To reset your password, you need to fill in the email address for your player account and click on the "SEND RESET LINK" button.

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Soon you will receive an email with a link (button) to reset your password, on the e-mail address associated with your player account.


You are trying to log in from outside Belgium

Access to the online platform can only be made from the territory of the country and an internet connection from Belgium must be used. You cannot play on the online platform from another country.


exclamationATTENTION: You may not be able to log in due to cookies or cache, although your login credentials are correct. To succeed in authentication, please delete cookies and clear your cache.


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